Who the heck are the Meeks?

“Howdy”, as we like to say in the South! Those that know the Meeks, know that we would rather be in the woods, camping in the mountains, sitting around a campfire, kayaking down a river, skiing down a mountain, fishing in a lake, and well…. all the wonderful things that come with an outdoor adventure. Let me introduce you to my sweet little family!


Doc Whiskers:

He’s the head honcho around this outfit. Not only is he easy on the eyes *swoon* he can out fish you any day of the week, he can out build you a fire, he can fearlessly lead us through the mountains on ANY adventure, read a topography map like no one’s business, tie a fly with the most eloquent patience and detail, tool you a leather belt, and play sweet Patti (his guitar) in a way that will make your Grandma get gaga eyes. If you don’t find Doc in the mountains, he’s probably either watching baseball, or listening to old country on his record player. He is well…. amazing, and looks great in flannel!


The Lucky Lady:

Hi….I’m Mom! I’m the crazy one, the unpredictable one (other than I ALWAYS have a to-do list) I’m the meal prepper, the boo-boo kisser, the “get all our crap together to go on an adventure” worry wart, plant loving, book reading, thrift store buying, rock collecting, fiercely loving, coffee drinking, occasionally cussing, short tempered, storytelling, southern-accent friend! Ummm check out Doc in the background... hubba, hubba!



Well, other than being Doc Whiskers’ Lucky Lady, CW is my greatest accomplishment in life. I never imagined that traveling with anyone else other than my husband could be so great, until little CW came along! He is a 21 month old ALL BOY! I’ve decided it’s written into his DNA, that he loves sticks, rocks, dirt, bugs and his dog Gus more than anything I could buy him. One day I hope he thinks his Mom and Dad are cool for taking him along to all these wonderful places. If you ever want to know the true joy of nature and adventure, seriously…. look through your child’s eyes.



“Gustopher, Gus-Gus, Augustus, GUSSSSSSSSSS” is our 11 year old yellow lab. Because of this sweet piece of hunkiness we have become a lab family for LIFE! Doc Whiskers got Gus in the first year we were dating and well…. I can’t possibly imagine a day without him. He’s an old soul, always has been and LOVES the water (but not more than Doc Whiskers). He pretty much gets to play in it, whenever we can, whatever state we’re in! He has now visited 13 states and counting, and well, for the last 11 years we’ve drug him along with us everywhere, he’s pretty much a seasoned retiree!


Loretta June:

She’s the newest member of the family! Ohhhh my poor, sweet, hard working Doc Whiskers….I’ve always told him I’d love to own an Airstream, and after his initial “I can’t believe we’re buying an Airstream” face…. We now have Loretta June Meeks. Honestly it was love at first sight, and truly a chance encounter that we met Bob and Sharon (new-found friends from Texas I might add) to buy her. She’s already traveled over 4,000 miles in the first year we’ve owned her and well…. lets just say she still looks pretty damn good for an ’83 model. Thank you Bob and Sharon for loving Loretta June and us!